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Who we are

We are an indigenous company with vast international affiliations and a strong financial base poised to contribute our quota towards the implementation of the National Housing Policy to provide affordable Housing to the generality of our citizenry. 
We are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with RC 1138401 to engage in Housing and Real Estate Development.
Furthermore we are active in the production of electricity, focused on the construction and conversion of generator and power facilities in all sorts of power classes inclusive the installation of systems to produce regenerative energy by Solar / Photovoltaik. 
We have an assemblage of a world class technical crew which has undertaken various projects within and outside the country that have received international accolades. Similarly our managerial team is polled from experienced experts who have been involved in various local and international projects. 
With our dedicated manpower, technical expertise, array of equipments and strong financial base, we are poised to take Housing Development to a grander and more consumer responsive level within the country.



To provide affordable Housing for low, medium and high income earners within the African continent in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.



To employ the latest technologies in Housing Development to bridge the Housing Gap in Africa and thereby provide affordable Housing to the generality of the populace taking into cognizance the societal; and familial norms, average incomes, current global housing and environmental trends.


Corporate Values



As players in a global community, we are mindful of our reputation which each member of our team has painstakingly built on industry, expertise and honesty over the years. We therefore place a premium on our integrity and conduct all business affairs with the best business etiquette and respect for all relevant laws and statutes


Social Responsibility 

We believe that the peoples and communities where we operate are vital to our success and we take all reasonable measures to ensure that they host people and communities play a part in all our operations. We therefore engage and assist these communities with properly tailored manpower development and infrastructural programmes to suit their peculiar needs.


Quality Assurance and Timely delivery

We pride ourselves with outstanding performance and quality control in all our undertakings. We delivery before timelines without compromising on quality.
Environmental Awareness
We ensure that all projects are executed in line with current best practices of environmental protection and conservation. We are capable of designing and building green structures with localized energy production facilities, low carbon signatures and localized waste/water treatment plants