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Services offered


Design and Build

We produce architectural, mechanical and electrical designs for all types of building projects. e.g. mass housing, skyliners, shopping malls, Conference Centers, Hotels, theaters etc.
Our services begin from the design stages, management and execution to commissioning; We cover all the spheres of operations.


We explore different financing modules for the execution of   clients’ projects.  Wth our strong financial base, we are elastic and accommodating of various types of PPP arrangements to ensure that projects are executed conveniently and the end goals are achieved.

Project Management and consultancy services

We provide managerial services for all types of projects to ensure profitability and returns on investment. We also serve in advisory capacity for all phases of project development

Renewable Energy by Solar and Waste/Water Treatment Plants

We possess the expertise to design, acquire and install appropriate treatment plants for all types of facilities and we are able to customize these plants to our customers’ peculiar needs. 
A ecologically sustainable circle
The fact that solar panels are a source of green energy is no longer open to discussion.
SENERTECH NIGERIA LIMITED goes a step further in it´s vision though. Solar panels and stations are installed on the ground or the roofs of private houses and
company premises and cleaned up storage sites.
An innovative circle
In terms of renewable energy production, SENERTECH NIGERIA LIMITED developes, builds, finaces and operates different types of renewable energy sites.
By constantly expanding it´s portfolio, SENERTECH NIGERIA LIMITED has become one of Nigerias biggest producers of renewable energy. 
A smart circle
The development of the opportunities to convert daylight and sunlight into electricity and other useful forms of energy such as heat, will be very important in the
fight against global warming. The sun is a practically inexhaustible supplier of regenerative energy. All that is necessary is an efficient and cost effective way of harnessing this energy.
The solar power stations from SENERTECH NIGERIA LIMITED are a guarantee for the future and provide an important contribution toward achieving Nigeria´s
green energy objectives.

Safety Policy

Our HSE policy is of top priority to our company. We are committed to achieving the highest health and safety standards in line with best global practices.
All relevant technical staff are HSE certified. Our in-house HSE induction course is mandatory for all staff and tailored to specific projects to ensure that all staff, subcontractors and locals affect by our projects are protected.